A walk with Batis pair and the A7RmkII (part 1)

It would have been very difficult to have a better chance like this to have some fun with the 25mm and the 85mm: a Mustang Club Of Italy meeting!

Even if a too scientific test wasn’t necessary to be free of talking about perfection, these two new fixed focal length lenses have deserved and re-confirmed a place of honor in my legacy.

***In the opening an enlargement of a piece of body is shown; even under the direct sunlight which in these conditions tends to “burn” easily the fine detail, the Batis 25mm does just fine and the photograph looks sculpted and three-dimensional. In the wheel rim’s shot, lights and contrasts rendition is spectacular; three-dimensionality is impressive and well above the average results of other lenses. The GT sign gives a very good idea of how metal be exactly metal and how the image be material. Rear lights are no less so***

Some details talk by their own… the two Batis have got the same temperament.

The 25mm cranks out shots that beautiful that they seem painted; someone could be tempted to not believe these are original photographs.

**Colors are always damned real. Backlight resistance as you can see is decisively one of the best out there and the lens never backs down. Reflections over the cars’ bodies appear like being printed; they are literally painted***

This Batis 2/25, as for its overall rendition, reminds me to the Touit 2.8/12. The way it demonstrates to be able to impress light onto camera’s sensor and to crank out breathtaking pictures is identical. It’s simply an absolute high level lens, just to get the point.

As much as it concerns the 85mm there’s not too much to add in respect to what has been reported in its review (you can find it in REVIEWS section). It does nothing but to confirm its own excellence level.

***Colors generated by this medium telephoto are pretty much identical to those generated by its different twin, the 25mm. All the other features, from sharpness to pure realism, are simply unreachable by lower level lenses***

***Surfaces rendition and materials solidity are always wonderful***

Another interesting feature of these two lenses is the particular tone assumed by black and white generated by the camera. Contrast and general incisiveness really benefit from them.

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