Colors of the new Sony A7RmkII

My latest tests in regards to chromatic tonalities of the new Sony mirrorless with 42Mpx back-illuminated sensor.

The shots in the gallery below have been realized at nighttime with a Batis 1.8/85 in extremely low light conditions. Dynamic range is impressive: even in dark and with faint lightning sources, the camera is capable of giving back each light and color shade present in the scene. Colors are alive, real, and contrasts created by the lights and shadows game is stunning.

***The enlarged images you can see here are outstanding, especially if you consider that the sensor was working at 2500 ISO. The grain is very fine, and it doesn’t affect the fine detail not even in disastrous lighting situations (notice the hats’ weave)***

I wanted to end getting the chance to underline the quality of bokeh. It’s simply perfect.

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