Sony A7R autofocus test

A short test conducted with my old Sony A7R and 70-200 f4 G.

Original shots.

Even with that too direct sunlight, the detail preserved by the camera is remarkable. Certainly developing the ARW file in post-production it’s possible to obtain even more, but these JPEG are perfectly sharp, well-exposed and above all they’re ready to be printed.

All the photographs you see in this page have been shot in Aperture Priority at f7.1 and 400ISO. Exposure set to zero; light measurement “MULTI”. The Sony 70-200 G re-confirm itself as a very great lens.

In the last gallery some details are enlarged to underline that the image is perfectly focused and frozen.

I have to advise that even if the light was more than enough, the out of focus images percentage was pretty much high.

To be advised also that I’m actually using both the 70-200 G and the Batis 85 for my studio portrait works with the A7RmkII and the fixed lens always reveals itself to be clearly more precise. At the end of the day, the out of focus shots taken with my Zeiss are negligible whereas with the Sony zoom that percentage grows quite a lot. This can be said only as much as it concerns studio use because when it comes to outdoor shootings, even in low light, autofocus is always fast and precise.

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