A7RmkII: dynamic range and sensor resistance

In this article I wanted to examine in depth that introduction I’ve made some months ago (if you didn’t read it, click here) concerning the new Sony Full Frame mirrorless’ sensor.

In the following tests galleries you can see some photographs realized playing with over/underexposure, with saturation and principally with “VIVID” Creative¬†Style.

These shots are original and it’s necessary to advise that the output JPEG file is really impressive; from dynamic range, passing through colors and ending up with rendition in awful lighting conditions, the A7RmkII cranks out images nearly impossible for the old model (and probably for the most of competitors).

***The first shot with a lamp made of colorful glasses has been taken with a Loxia 50mm at f13 and 800ISO: the highlight bump has been swallowed without compromising image’s dynamic range and the glass’ veinings make it really material. The other two shots show how Zeiss Batis lenses perform with such a sensor behind; first the 25mm (@ f5.6 and 1600ISO) and then the 85mm (@ f4 and 200ISO). The irish bag image with an enlarged detail of a clock gives an idea of the resistance even underexposing by 1 stop***

***With the details of the first picture (the horizontal one; Batis 85mm @ f5.6 and 1600ISO) I wanted to underline chromatic tonalities in various parts, both in highlights and in lowlights. The last picture (the vertical one; Batis 85mm @f2.2 and 800ISO) has been chosen to show the sensor’s resistance to overexposure that in this case is by 1 stop***

Conclusions? Results are really outstanding.

Until a few years ago all of this was science-fiction…

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