Sony A7RmkII autofocus test

This has been the first day in which I had a chance to try deeply and for many hours the continuous autofocus (AF-C) with the subject engaging reticulum.

Has already advised in the Sony A7RmkII review, autofocus is really another planet in respect to the one of the previous A7R both for precision and for speed. Once become familiar with the camera, the focused shots percentage has been next to 100%.

All the photographs has been realized with a Batis 85mm.

Next time I’ll have such a chance I’ll go for an AF-C test with my 70-200 f4 G.

In the enlargements it’s clearly visible that our subjects are perfectly frozen and focused.

The camera was set to aperture priority with an exposure of -0,7EV to avoid burning detail under the direct and strong sunlight.

“STANDARD” Creative Style and “AUTO” white balance.

I’ve managed to shoot all test long between f5 and f5.6 to get enough depth of field; with ISO sensitivities going from 400 to 500 the shutter times ranged between 1/2000s and 1/4000s according to my changing position in respect to the light.

What can I say? ……to be “just” a mirrorless, this new Sony gets by very well and allows to dare even in those cases that only a couple of years ago would have made us giving up. With new Sony G-Master zoom lenses coming soon (among which an interesting 70-200 f2.8 with double focus motor) the overall situation can nothing but get better.

Maybe it wasn’t born for sport photography, but the possibility of use are getting wider quite a lot.

(to see my test concerning the old A7R autofocus click here SONY A7R AUTOFOCUS TEST)

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