walking around Jodipan, the village of color

Right in the heart of Malang, a city of eastern Giava, is situated what in indonesian is known as Kampung Warna-Warni.

Even if at a first superficial look it may seem a “commercial” tourist attraction, it shows itself as a concentrated of photographic sparks for both what it concerns the people and the daily life’s instants and for the village’s suggestive look. Sparkd that are decisively greater than those that can be imagined before setting foot in Indonesia for the first time.

Instead of reserving it a simple page in the REPORTAGE section of my website, I’ve thought that the place (and the people particularly) would deserve something more deepened.

I’d start with the urban landscaping and some significant detail of the glimpse that we can bump into. It is good to remeber that despite the festive and colorful appearances, these persons really leave there aqnd it isn’t exactly a place for vacation.



Local people… yes the local people deserves a separate chapter.

I’ve been liking Indonesian people since the first day I’ve set my foot there, in Jakarta. Even if after five minutes it starts to feel its repetitivity, it is extremely usual to be hailed with “ehi Mister!” anytime and anywhere, obviously with an expansive and friendly way of doing typical of those who are not used to see tourists hordes. One of the most frequent requests is to be photographed togethere with local people, strictly with a smartphone.

Let’s say that even without being selfie lovers, it’s a willingly paid price for what Jodipan and its sorroundings have to offer at a photographic level.

The entire reportage has been realized with Fujifilm X-T20 and Fujinon XF 18-135. The shots you see in the galleries are original JPEGs straight of the camera. Velvia picture style.



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