about me

Even if I love writing I’ve decided to leave for last the part where I talk about me.

Often an image is worth more than a thousand words.

The passion for the photographic art was born simultaneously to that for cinema and exotic places. Why cinema? I consider it as one of the most beautiful and complete existing forms of expression; if done with mastery, the fusion of images and music turns into an indelible memory for who’s looking.

It’s the same process that makes a photograph unforgettable. Perfection sometimes is not enough. Light, color, contrast, proportion… they can even be impeccable, but at the end of all the thing that most strikes is the point of view.

I like improvising, not being schematic, finding always something impressive even in apparently insignificant things.

I don’t know where the path I decided to follow will head me. I just know that if I look back I can consider myself satisfied and that if I look to the future I see millions of unwalked paths.